originalcindyr (originalcindyr) wrote in tvgrefugee,

There's a Party in the Party Room

Dear Sanitarium Members ... and anyone else who reads this,

I'm not sure where everyone is playing now.  I haven't been able to keep up since my little TVG sanitarium was destroyed, so I figured I would also post a little notice here.  As many of you might remember, I try to host a party in honor of our boys each birthday.  Today is Dean's.   

It has taken me a bit to post ... LJ was being difficult this morning ... so I'm not even going to try to attempt to repost the whole thing here.  Just figured I would let you know that if you'd like to read what I came up with ... you can find it here:  http://originalcindyr.livejournal.com/8906.html#cutid1

Hope to see you there!


CindyRose (aka. The Keeper)

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