moschopsonia (moschopsonia) wrote in tvgrefugee,

Who was I? Who am I? And where am i now?

I think that we're all asking ourselves this question after the suddeness of TVG's erasure of the past 2-3 years of our interactions.

Please feel free to post information about yourself, and include your old username, your new one, and where you can be found even if it's not LJ.

You don't have to join LJ or this Community to post, though if you don't, your post won't appear until it has been moderated.  

Hopefully, this can be a way for people to find each other in the aftermath, as TVG has removed all of the contact info that we posted there.

OK, this is starting to sound depressing, so I'll leave you with one little tidbit:

I couldn't help myself.

On the way out the door, I went to the "get-the-heck-out" blog and hit the Report Abuse button on the TV Guide Community Managers!

They abused me.
Tags: contact info
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